Take On The World
One Chocolate At A Time
Enjoy a little bit of bliss, one chocolate at a time. Then gently drift back into reality with a renewed sense of purpose, ready to get things done... with verve and style.

Not All Chocolates Are Created Equal

Oh!Boo Chocolates source only natural and Australian ingredients (if available). We do not add nasty artificial flavours or cocoa butter substitute (CBS) to our premium chocolates.

Created in limited quantities, the perfect chocolate taste is a journey of flavour, texture and taste ready to discover one bite after the next.

Dipped, Coated, Dusted and Rolled

Oh!Boo reflects Sydney’s passion for creating world class artisanal chocolates. Maître chocolatier Fanny Chan has combined her Philippine heritage with the finesse and sophistication of the French way of making chocolates.

Trained in Belgium, she has mastered a process called ‘layering’ – where complementary and sometimes contrasting flavours are layered with the chocolate to form a sensational taste experience.

Who is Miss Boo?
Miss Boo is more than a little bit obsessed with all things chocloate. She is our latest member of the team, forever cheeky, honest, well travelled, not very attached but attached enough to enjoy chocolates for pleasure and escapes! Her Motto is simple - to live life fully and more!

The Chocolate Experience

For 8 years we were making and selling chocolates from our dainty boutique shop in Darlinghurst (Boon Chocolates). Our suspicions were proven to be right – the world does need premium chocolate! So it was time to move things onto something even more gorgeous…

Take On The World One Chocolate At A Time

In 2016 we created Oh!Boo Chocolates, a wonderful world for all you savvy cacao conniosseurs out there. Our new shop, nestled in Sydney’s iconic harbour city of Barangaroo, is where we call home now and Miss Boo is with us too helping us spread the word that “chocolate understands”. Her logo is a chocolate heart, because, as she says, “we all have one”.